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movie quote

"That wasn't the plan. The plan was night of endless conquests and roads paved in gold. The plan was not to wake up in a hotel room alone, in love, getting on the first plane home." -The Very Thought of You



What X-Men would you be? (Female Version).
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You scored as Rogue

Rogue is a mutant who formerly possessed the ability to absorb the memories, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other beings through skin-to-skin contact.Rogue could also tap into the residual psychic energy of those she had imprinted to determine their status and to relive past events from their perspective.





Kitty pryde


Jean Grey




Emma Frost


George...you know where my heart is.

Says she's had enough of me, I've had enough of her too.
I might as well go on and set her free, she's already turned me loose.
No fault, no blame, nobody done no wrong-
That's just the way it sometimes goes.
Sometimes two people just don't get along, it's time to hit the road.

Goodbye, farewell, so long, vaya condios.
Good luck, wish you well, take it slow.
Easy come girl, easy go.

We tried to work it out a hundred times, ninety- nine it didn't work.
I think it's best we put it all behind before we wind up getting hurt.
No hard feelings darling, no regrets,
No tears and no broken hearts.
Call it quits, calling off all bets, it just wasn't in the cards.

Goodbye, farewell, so long, vaya condios.
Good luck, wish you well, take it slow.
Easy come girl, easy go.

Easy come girl, easy go.
Vaya condios, good luck,
Easy come, easy go.

you know whats a really odd, satisfying, give youa headache kinda pain? shoving a nose ring back in after it's been out all day, it's bleeding you're crying, but at least the pain is real.



I've noticed my divining ability tends to go to shit during the new moon. Today I pulled the first tarot card that's made sense to me in days. Odd.

yesterday was weird, and I was definatly burned out by like, midnight.

Are the next few years of nursing school gonna have me so wiped? I'm worried about the residents tomorrow. The thing is, I'm not grossed out by blood or vomit, but urine and stool....ok, ewwwwww. Plus, I've never been good with old people. My partner is this girl named Tiffany, and I know immediatly it's cause her bedside manner is awsome, and mine is......well, lacking. I have empathy, I have compassion, but I spend a lot of time locking my emotions up and tossing the key.

Baby corn is like, the best thing ever.



279. There's a party tonight and all the girls are gonna be there.

He's good ;). I feel the need to update although there isn't a lot to say. I feel like I'm living the same 2 weeks or so over and over. Usually a really good week followed by a really blah week, but as Chris pointed out, that's better than a blah week and a bad week. But the cycle is kinda the same. Work, school, sleep, see a few people. Rinse. Repeat.

I have been going to the public library more often, and for whatever reason, I really love it. I walk in and it's just...peaceful. and intriguing. hundreds of thousands of thoughts, from people and paper and media....but still, quiet.

I got a copy of Vouge Knitting yesterday, can you tell I'm ready for no classes?

The car is doing good, gas and insurnace still ...eh. worth it. it may need new brakes I think. It's name is Shadowboxer, and I thank Epona everyday for her.
Speaking of.....I need to speck out UU in reynoldsburg and start calling some horse farms (horse milk). Eponalia/Yule are sitting on my mind for sure. Because Eponalia is a Roman holiday though, I think it's important to focus on the aspects they gave her. She's been....far recently. I definatly need to get a new necklace.

Oh!!! Clinicals are on Sat and Sunday. I have to BE THERE at a quarter till 7, so, wish me luck. I'm literally gonna set like 3 alarms.


free fallin' (gotta love tom petty)

She grew up in an indiana town
Had a good lookin momma who never was around
But she grew up tall and she grew up right
With them indiana boys on an indiana night

Well she moved down here at the age of 18
She blew the boys away, it was more than theyd se en
I was introduced and we both started groovin
She said, I dig you baby but I got to keep movin
...on, keep movin on

Last dance with mary jane
One more time to kill the pain
I feel summer creepin in and im
Tired of this town again

Well I dont know what Ive been told
You never slow down, you never grow old
Im tired of screwing up, Im tired of goin down
Im tire of myself, Im tired of this town
Oh my my, oh hell yes
Honey put on that party dress
Buy me a drink, sing me a song,
Take me as I come cause I cant stay long

Last dance with mary jane
One more time to kill the pain
I feel summer creepin in and im
Tired of this town again

T heres pidgeons down in market square
Shes standin in her underwear
Lookin down from a hotel room
Nightfall will be comin soon
Oh my my, oh hell yes
Youve got to put on that party dress
It was too cold to cry when I woke up alone
I hit the last number, I walked to the road

Last dance with mary jane
One more time to kill the pain
I feel summer creepin in and im
Tired of this town again


William Shakespeare

A whereismyprairie! A whereismyprairie! My kingdom for a whereismyprairie!

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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heh, the things i think about sometimes.

My poverty, but not my will consents
I pay thy poverty, and not thy will.


hate myspace

After rent is paid I have 20$ to my name. well, maybe 40....but i'm not gonna count on that. See, i keep track of my finaces via palm piolet, and for some time now, the difference in balance between that and my bank account is about 20$. I've gone over it a hundred times, I can't find any transactions that I've missed, and it's driving me crazy. I'm about to hang up the bank card for a week or two and reconcile the account at the end of it.

Regardless, all of that money goes to gas for my car for now. I picked up some groceries last night, so I'm ok there.

Now I just need to find a nice big space heater for my room on freecycle or something.

I just got back from shopping with Sean, which was....fun. I was good. We went to Easton and went everywhere, I wanted to go get more incense, then I realized the time, and remembered that I have a quiz tonight and a workbook assignment due. craziness. So I dropped him off and now I'm running off to school.

Damn, it's gotten cold.....



Class was great tonight (note that class was not great this morning, cause I slept in). But we practiced taking vitals and such, and I could just.....
I don't know how to explain it, thinking I could really be good at something, and something that means something too. Not to say that other things I've done don't mean anything...but, this is different somehow.

Me n Sean are gonna go shopping on Thursday, I have to find a new chain for my necklace and I might buy a watch.

I wanna go to the UU church in Reynoldsburg and scope out the place for the Yule rite, and I got to start working on my presentation for my NURC101 class.

I also have been fumbling around with Picassa by Google. Username Jadewaterflame if anyone cares.

I stopped in the public library today too, and it was such an odd sense of...peace and wholeness. Healthy, happy books, everywhere. If I ever have kids, once or twice a month we're going to the library.

My head feels....cloudy.

When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain
Oh Gravedigger