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hate myspace

After rent is paid I have 20$ to my name. well, maybe 40....but i'm not gonna count on that. See, i keep track of my finaces via palm piolet, and for some time now, the difference in balance between that and my bank account is about 20$. I've gone over it a hundred times, I can't find any transactions that I've missed, and it's driving me crazy. I'm about to hang up the bank card for a week or two and reconcile the account at the end of it.

Regardless, all of that money goes to gas for my car for now. I picked up some groceries last night, so I'm ok there.

Now I just need to find a nice big space heater for my room on freecycle or something.

I just got back from shopping with Sean, which was....fun. I was good. We went to Easton and went everywhere, I wanted to go get more incense, then I realized the time, and remembered that I have a quiz tonight and a workbook assignment due. craziness. So I dropped him off and now I'm running off to school.

Damn, it's gotten cold.....



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Nov. 9th, 2007 06:46 pm (UTC)
turned your heat down to 60, love

your pretty cats looked me at like 'who the hell are you?'

also, i fogot to ask... is subway hiring?
Nov. 9th, 2007 10:25 pm (UTC)
sorry my place was in such shambles, but thanks very much. i try to keep my gas bill down.

we just hired someone, but you know who is hiring? Staples AND bath and body works. i just got back from there, so check them out.
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